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Air Density Separator


Key Features:  
  • Ferro Specially design to allow complete separation of a variety products based on their density.
  • It is the combination of density separator & gasket beater separator for better operational results &low oil loss in hulls.
  • The density separator consists of variable speed regulating feeder driven by suitable gear motor.
  • The specially designed structure is suitable for uncut seed, large hulls, and meat power.
  • Equipment is capable to maintain low oil in hulls.

Mechanical Advantage:  
  • Due to use of adjustable Air Damper System, air flow can be controlled.
  • Heavy structure results in zero vibration.
  • Common drive motor for all beater drive.
  • Efficient aspiration system for hulls lifting.

Operational Procedure :  
  • Mixture of large hulls, meat & uncut seed fed into the density separator for separating on the basis of density that all are coming out from huller, First the mixture is fed into 6 stage basket beaters through variable speed regulating feeder, by beating operation sticky meat separated from hulls & drop down by screen of basket.
  • Remaining hulls & uncut seed moves forward into zig zag chamber, where uncut seed drop down because of high density, and low-density hulls removed from top of zig-zag chamber.
  • Separated fine meat powder is conveyed to Hulls Purifier & uncut seeds are recycled to huller & hulls are forwarded further process in Hulls purifying machine.

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