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Automatic Gummer


Key Features

  • We have developed new technical improvements in saw sharpening process including the new gummer file.
  • Capacity & quality of lint can’t be controlled if you don’t have good sharp saw tooth so this stand to reason you need best GUMMER MACHINE in order to maintain best filing operation.
  • Ferro’s gummer is precisely made with all dimensional accuracy and seasoned SG Iron castings.
  • 176 & 200 saw automatic gummer machine maintains saw in good & effective condition all the times.
  • Also, a uniform sharpened tooth profile every time.

Mechanical Advantage

  • Completely automatic with perfect machine tool accuracy.
  • Cycle complete alarm after every sharpening cycle completion.
  • Provide interchangeable parts for low maintenance & ease services.
  • Rotation direction electric lock for preventing the damage to the clutch box, in case of wrong direction rotation due to the electrical connection.

Gummer Safety Enclosure (Optional)

  • The enclosure is for the safety of driving parts, clutch box, and for sound reduction while gummer operation in the plant.
  • The enclosure comes with two way open hydraulically operated guard. Four transparent acrylic windows, LED light inside, suitable structure, lock and duly painted with Epoxy PU in RAL shade connection.
  • Heavy Hydraulic for durable life.
  • Multiple acrylic windows for observation while operation.

Ferro Gummer File:

  • New gummer file is not just new product, it is a process. The new gummer file which fits all factory standard spindle screws, provide enhanced tooth that last longer. The hardness of gummer file is specially developed tomatch with saw blank metrology.

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