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Box Type Seed Cleaner


Key Features:
  • New box type seed cleaner has high efficiency to remove all impurities From soyabean, maize, grain, nuts etc & also all type of Vegetable Oil Seeds & Grains.
  • This machine is available with aspiration unit for dust free atmosphere in processing area.
  • We provide special magnet plate into the cascade hopper to avoid metal piece entering inside machine.

Mechanical Advantages:
  • High cleaning efficiency
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Low noise operation.
  • Simple & Modern Design

Operational Procedure:
  • The oil seeds fed into seed cleaner machine through feed chute of cascade hopper which is installed at beginning oF tray & above seed cleaner machine.
  • Cascade hopper distribution properly done to cover full width oF upper tray.
  • Two vibratory motor provided on either side of machine & developed vibration & by proper vibration we avoid the chocking of perforated screen holes.
  • All larger size unwanted impurities left on upper tray & Fine size, dust that all are dropped down on Lower tray & clean seeds collected from discharge hopper through aspirator.

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