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As after ginning process the cotton seed remains some short fiber on it, that short fibers called “Linters”. The remaining short fiber on seed is around 10 – 15 %.
Now days the linters have huge demand in worldwide market, Earlier it was not possible to remove this linter effectively and easily at high capacity. But now days it is possible to remove linters with very efficiently because of FERRO CSP Plant.
Considering worldwide demand and end users feedback FERRO dedicatedly work hard on cotton industries and positively developed the new FX series machineries to full feel market demand.

Process Description: –
The raw material of CSP plant is the white cotton seed, which comes after ginning plant, the first operation in CSP plant is the seed cleaning operation, so the first seed goes into the seed cleaner here stones, dust, metal pieces, foreign particles & most important un gin cotton separate from white cotton seed and cleaned seed send it to the next operation i.e. Delinting process. In Delinting process we cut lint over the white cotton seed by first cut & second cut Delinting operation, so in this way we get 1st cut & 2nd cut linters as a product.

The next process is the lint cleaning, after lint cleaning it send to bale pressing unit, here in the bale press unit linters get pressed by hydraulically and prepare a standard size bale.

After Delinting operation, we get delinted seed from bottom conveyor & it move forward to further processing i.e. decorticating process, here the first operation is Hulling & separation process, so delinted seed feed into the High capacity decorticator with basket separator by this operation at the end we get,
1. large hulls & uncut seed, 2. final product meat and 3. hulls which is lifting by pneumatically.

First large hulls & uncut seed mixture is send into the second operation i.e. density separator here hulls get pneumatically lifting and as the density difference the uncut seed get dropped down& meat which is sticky with hulls that also remove by beating operation.

The pneumatically lifted hulls from huller & density separator which containing some % of meat, For the recovery of meat the final process is hulls purification, here hulls get purified and finally maintaining the oil in hulls is less than 1%.