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First seed goes into the Box type seed cleaner machine for cleaning of oversize & fine impurities. The cleaning operation is very important task because it may be trouble in Hulling & separating operation. If any oversize material goes into the decorticating operation which causes damage huller drum knife. That’s why cleaning operation is very important.

After seed cleaning operation the clean seed send to decorticating process, here in this process there are three stage operation, the first stage operation is to break the seeds, so seed feed into the High capacity decorticator with basket separator by this operation at the end we get three outlets 1. Large hulls & uncut seed, 2. Meat, as a final product 3. hulls which is lifting by pneumatically.
The large hulls & uncut seed mixture is send into the second stage operation i.e. density separator here hulls get pneumatically lifting and by density difference the uncut seed is dropped down & get recycle back to the first stage operation & meat which is sticky with hulls that also remove by beating operation.

The pneumatically lifted hulls from huller & density separator which containing some % of meat, For the recovery of meat the final process is hulls purification, here hulls get purified and finally maintaining the oil in hulls is less than 1%.

With considering Seeds physical properties, FERRO design and developed a Sunflower/ Soya Seed Processing plant.
Ferro always trust on end results, So before we commit our results we did trail at different settings in the plant and then decide an optimized design & settings of the plant.