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Double Box Cotton Fibre Bailing Press


Key Features:

  • Ferro cotton baling press is designed for compressing cotton of different grades.
  • Re-engineered friendly design to facilitate easy operation low power consumption & requiring minimum labor cost.
  • Ferro double bale press is provided with limit switches check valves to avoid an accident.
  • Ferro bailing press can be customized as per requirement under the side discretion of Ferro Oiltek.
  • Ferro bailing press comes with an advantage of multiple pushers as well as double pusher as per requirement of the customers.
  • Parts of the press are standardized as per international standards.
  • Extremely robust body structure provides zero vibration.
  • ADVANCED POWDER METAL FINISH for easy cleaning, long-lasting appeal & great aesthetics.

Mechanical Advantages:

  • Ferro bale press comes with a fully automatic design which reduces manpower required to operate the press.
  • Ferro double box baling press comes with door less mechanism & high speed automatic revolving boxes.
  • Redesigned structure for better safety and heavy duty work, resulting in longer life.
  • Ferro double bale press comes with high-pressure power packs & option of twin or double pusher.
  • Redesigned lint box roller & pusher roller for easy & free-flow travel.
  • Easy Animated HMI PLC operation system makes it easy to operate and many safety interlocks.


Production capacity 32-38   Bale /Hr 12-18 Bale /Hr
Power required 70HP-Main press 50 HP -Main press
25 HP-Tramper 20HP   -Tramper
Bale size 55″ X 21″ X 28″ 55″ X 21″ X 28″
Bale weight 227kg 227kg
Bale density Universal / High Universal / High
Shed size 16M x12M x12M 14M x 12M x 12M
Operating PLC panel(Fully Automatic) PLC panel(Fully Automatic)
Tramper Hydraulic Hydraulic
Pusher Hydraulic(High speed) Hydraulic  (High speed)


Auto bale ejection provided optional
Online bagging provided optional
Online weighing provided optional
Online sampling provided optional
Safety mat provided optional

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