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Ferro’s Mechanical Conveyors & Elevators


Ferro’s Bucket Elevators are ideally suited to elevate bulk materials from sluggish free long vertically. These buckets elevators are manufactured for capacities up to 30000 Khe depending upon the material requirements Ferro’s Bucket Elevators consist of rectangular rigid mild steel housing with a tangential inlet in the bottom section and an inclined outlet in the top section. Ferro Bucket Flavors are of the centrifugal type with rigid seamless mild steel buckets mounted an open-ended belt. These are anti-static oil repellent in nature. The drive unit comprises of an electrical motor coupled to reduction gearbox mounted on the maintenance platforms attached to the top section.

Key Features:
  • Available in different models for specific requirements like bagging, transferring to conveyors etc.
  • Bucket design ensures maximum fill in buckets and prevent discharge interface with proceeding buckets while in operation.
  • Effective inspection windows on intermediate sections.
  • Easy installation Facilitated due to quick connection between components.
  • Precise machined head and tail puleys to facilitate belt movement.
  • Easily operated adjustment devices
FX-RL: FERRO ROTOR LIFT: FERRO’S Vertical Screw Conveyors are ideally suited to elevate wide range of bulk materials.Ferro’s rotor lift consist of tubular housing section with a tengential inlet in the bottom section and the inclined outlet in the top section.it can be made up to 600mm dia. The tubular sections are specially designed to facilitate the maintenance and are easily removable. The top-mounted drive unit with integrated end bearing assembly is used from which the screw is suspended. These screws pipes can be in one or more sections with shafts and couplings at each end depending on the overall height of the assembly required.
Key Features:
  • In comparison to other conveying systems these are smallest in overall dimensions.
  • Low operational cost due to less wear E tear of parts.
  • Variable pitch of screws across the lift.
  • material does not comes in contact with seals or bearings and the only part contacting material is rotating screw only.
FX-SC: SCREW CONVEYOR:Available in various sizes up to 600 mm diameter. Die Press screw flights of high-quality carbon steel provide the smooth surface with no sharp edges. All rotating parts are provided with the precision bearing to reduce friction for optimum efficiency. Mechanism requiring lower periodic maintenance & setting of the machine. Bearings are enclosed in bracket housing with dust-proof covers thus enhancing the life. Troughs designed for optimum feeding and carrying of material to machine or for bagging.
FERRO’S PNEUMATIC CONVEYING SYSTEM:Pneumatic conveying systems use air as the transport medium. Pneumatic conveying is facilitated by combination of following products.

A.Galvanized pipes:
  • A. Galvanized Pipes. We provide galvanized pipes From 5″ dia to 36″ dia for various applications these are made in length up to 6 mtr connected to each other by Flanges at the ends with suitable filler material to give leak proof joints.

B. Elbows or bends:
  • For vertical movement of material.

C. G.I.M.S. diverters:
  • Are usually provided to Facilitate multi point material lifting.

D. Centrifugal Fans:
  • These are used to create pressure differentials to induce efficient airflow to carry the material. We have a wide range of Blowers which are manufactured as per American standards and dynamically balanced.

E. Cyclones:
  • Ferro cyclones designed and manufactured to suit centrifugal fan discharge rate.These cyclones are made of mild steel and are used on high pressure discharges interiliac for following Functions:
  1. Collect and discharge trash/dust.
  2. For material feeding to the machinery.
  3. For lint flue systems.

Zero dust canopy system
  • We have design special dust aspiration canopy system which used to cover all the cottonseed processing equipment’s and gives dust-free plant.
  • As during cottonseed processing lot of dust exposes into the air and which becomes difficult to the plant operators & workers to work in a dusty environment. Considering this point FERRO developed ZERO dust canopy system.

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