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Macfuge 250


  • Bowl speed: 8.000 rpm
  • Motor power: 4 KW
  • Bowl total volume: 3,6 lt.
  • Sludge chamber volume: 2 lt.
  • Centrifuge total weight: 190 Kg.
  • Dimensions: mm 750 x 500 x h 1050

The manual cleaning centrifuge has been particularly studied for mineral oil treatments both for fuel oil and lubricating oil. It can work as a three phases separator (liquid-liquid-solid) and as a two phases clarifier (liquid-solid); in both cases the light phase is discharged in pressure through a centripetal pump, while the heavy phase is discharged by gravity.


For this kind of treatment, the oil that has to be refined, must be warmed to reduce the fuel viscosity and favour a better separation. This increasing request induced Servizi Industriali to develop an equipment that meets the real customer’s request of low investment and reduced manteinance costs.


  • Dimensioned electric heater according to the capacity and type of oil
  • Automatic recycling system for low temperature input
  • Alarm for water seal breakage
  • Removal of solid impurities superior to 3 µ


  • extends oil life increasing interval of replacement
  • drastically reduces filter costs of replacement
  • extends life of all metallic parts that need lubrication
  • reduces waste oil costs of disposal

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