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Macfuge 710


  • Bowl speed: 4.800 rpm
  • Motor power: 30 KW
  • Bowl total volume: 48 lt.
  • Sludge chamber volume:from 2,5 to 15 lt.
  • Bowl weight: N.D.
  • Centrifuge total weight: 2.300 Kg.
  • Dimensions: mm 1780 x 1310 x h 2310


The self-cleaning centrifuge model MACFUGE 710 NO PT 3 is designed and built specifically for use in vegetable oils refining.


The centrifuge is fed through the supply pipe. The separated phases are extracted by centripetal pumps, while the solid phase is expelled with partial or total discharges. The centripetal pump extracting the heavy phase has a variable diameter and, from the outside of the machine, it is possible to adjust the separation line of the two phases in a very simple way.


The structural parts of the bowl are built in special stainless steel with high mechanical and chemical resistance. All the parts in contact with the product are built in AISI 316. The machine basement is built in cast iron, lined in AISI 304. The centrifuge is provided with a cooling system for the lubricating oil. The machine is supplied with an electrical panel that controls the processing cycles through a PLC. Our software also allows to manage several optional devices such as: sludge pump, vibroswitch, illuminated sight glasses etc. Our centrifuge can be provided with a system of fluidification of the heavy phase and the solids discharge.

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