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Mote Beater


Key Features:

  • It is uniquely designed with unrivaled in efficiency with handling capacity up to 200 TPD (white cottonseed basis).
  • The machine consists of 10 basket beater section mounted above a shaker tray.
  • The beater improves cleaning quality of bi-product of cottonseed.
  • The mote beater machine operating with combines mechanically & pneumatically so we get effective separation at the end.

Mechanical Advantages:

  • Proven design for high efficiency.
  • Heavy duty eccentric used for long life& smooth operation.
  • Re-engineered for better working performance.
  • Heavy duty body structures give zero vibration.
  • Common motor drive for all basket beaters.

Operational Procedure:

  • The motes which are coming from the bottom conveyor of Delinter, those are fed into the beating section of mote the separated lint is taken to lint cleaner through an aspiration system. Because the market value of linters is high & also we clean mote here, so that’s why we need mote beater section.
  • First, the motes are beaten at beating section for removing of dust & separation of lint. After that some lint, fine dust & some motes drop on shaker tray through basket screen & hereby shaking separation is carried out.

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