FERRO uniquely design 7 STAGE LINT CLEANER with having basket beater section for lint cleaning i.e. for removing fine dust, hulls etc

Reengineered friendly design to facilitate easy operation and very low maintenance Handling capacity capable in access of 10 to15 tons per day recovery linter. The removed cellulose yield of linter is maintained at maximum.

The techniques accommodates in new 7 stage lint cleaner is automatic screen cleaning at desired interval. Practically this 7 stage lint cleaner gives effective lint cleaning than the competitors.

The 7 stage lint cleaner will gives us highest capacity & good quality of lint on the basis of today’s market need.

Clean rugged design with heavy structural construction for smooth operation.
  • Low maintenance required because we are providing conveyor system accept shaker tray.
  • Heavy body structural construction gives zero vibration.
  • Beater screen mounted in easy- pull trays for quick change and ease of maintenance.
  • Electric motors are conveniently located for ventilation and easy maintenance.
  • Heavy duty eccentric used for long life.
  • The capacity extended to large for high secondary lint recovery.
Common drive motor for all beater drive

Because of Accuracy of machine made, Machine required very low power consumption
The lint and motes which is the output of delinter, that all are fed into the lint cleaner basket beater, during beating of lint & motes, the sticky dust & fine impurities all are stretch out, then at the end of beater all lint suck by nozzle and remaining bran, linty motes & other impurities drop down into the conveyor through hopper and then forward into the small size beater with having an eight basket beater for further operation to stretch out all impurities and then separate by shaker tray which is shaking below small size beater.

In this way the lint cleaning operation done and we get cleaned lint as per market demand.

The machine is capable to remove the all impurities from the lint is complete with an eight basket type closed beater and dust separation tray with suitable lint feeder and clean lint discharge nozzle.