Ferro - specially design to allow complete separation of a variety of product on the basis of their density.

This machine is a combination of density separator and basket beater separator for better operational results and low oil loss in hulls.

The Density Separator is complete with variable speed regulating Feeder driven by suitable gear motor and all drive items.

This equipment is suitable for separating the uncut seed and large hulls and meat powder.

Equipment is capable to maintained oil in hulls

Special design structure separate completely uncut seed, fine sticky meat powder & hulls.

Air control damper can be set at the fan for ease of separation of uncut seed.
  • Simple to installed and ease to operate.
  • Advanced technology and powered METAL FINISH makes for easy clean up and long lasting appeal.
  • Ferro used adjustable AIR DAMPER SYSTEM, so we can control the AIR FLOW.
  • Extremely heavy body structure so we get zero vibration.
Common drive motor for all beater drive

Special eccentric design to minimize the low power consumption
The large hulls, meat & uncut seed mixture fed into the density separator that all are coming from huller.

We separate here following matter,
  • Hulls
  • Meat
  • Uncut seed
All that separation done on the basis of density

First the mixture of feed is fed into the 6 stage basket beater through variable speed regulating Feeder, by beating operation sticky meat separate from hulls and drop down by screen of basket.

Remaining hulls & uncut seed are move forward into the zig-zag chamber, here uncut seed drop down because of high density, and low density hulls remove from top of zig-zag chamber.

This equipment is suitable for separating the uncut seed and large hulls and meat powder. Separated fine meat powder is conveyed to Hulls Purifier and uncut seeds are recycled to Huller and hulls for the further process in Hull's Purifying machine.