In the grain processing plant before processing of seeds it has store in silos because of moisture issue, During processing of grain first seeds fed into the box type seed cleaner here oversize impurities & fine size impurities separate from clean seed & that fine size impurities ducting into the bag filter because some % of seed also goes with impurities, so that all remove in bag filter, After this operation the seeds are fed into the dry destoner here stone separate from seed and cleaned seed move forward for next process that is hammer milling operation.

Before feeding the seed into the hammer mill seed has to conditioning in buffer tank so it will broke easily. After this operation, broken seed move forward into the vibro separator through dropper cyclone. The main purpose of dropper cyclone is to remove fine hulls from broken seed & that fine hulls forward into the bag filter.

In vibro separator operation clean material remove by the principle of vibration and impurities left out, And then cleaned material send into the buffer tank for maintaining the temperature & after that it will move forward for further processing.