FERRO - PNEUMATIC TYPE SEED CLEANER is uniquely design with 8 basket beater for getting maximum cleaning efficiency and minimizing the wear and tear for ease of removability and changeability.

THE FERRO – Cottonseed cleaner is complete unit designed to effectively remove foreign material and all type of impurity from white cottonseed & gives highest cleaning efficiency.

We provide special stone separator & vacuum feeder for seed cleaning operation

Cotton seed cleaned through this machine & produced cleaner seed with higher cellulose content, and now this seeds get grant for Delinting and Dehulling operation

The newly designed pneumatic close type seed cleaner comes with 8 stage basket beater.

The vacuum chamber is specially design for ease of operation and maintenance.

Ferro Reengineering seed cleaner separates namely unginn cotton, dust & fine impurities, stones & metal pieces etc, from seed with very finely and gives 99% clean seeds at the end.

Because of adroitly seed cleaning protects other processing machine namely Delinters and Huller machines.

The better cleaning improves quality of by-product of cotton seed.

This seed cleaner is also used for multiple applicable for seed cleaning, like: cotton seed, soybeans, sunflower, and ground nuts etc.

  • Simple and sturdy modern constructions
  • Vacuum chamber is specially designed for ease operation and maintenance
  • Reengineered for batter working performance
  • High capacity & efficiency - low power consumption
  • Special provision for stone separation
  • Proven design for high efficiency.
  Horse power Rotation Per Min
Vacuum feeder motor 1.5hp 30
Beater motor 10hp 350
Conveyor motor 2hp 100
Tray motor 2hp 1440
The storage seed fed for cleaning into the seed cleaner machine, but as per our reengineering machine design, it consists of separate stone separator and separate seed cleaner. So first seed goes into the stone separator, in stone separator stones & heavy particles clean from seed.

And then seeds forward into the seed cleaner beater section through dropper cyclone, after beating operation, at the end of beater section we get unginn cotton.

Remaining seed drop through hopper on the shaker tray & here we separating dust, fine impurities from seed then conveying to out side, after shaking operation done clean seeds move forward through bottom conveyor to next operation i.e. Delinting operation.