First seed goes into the Box type seed cleaner for cleaning of over size & fine impurities here cleaned the seed with very finely. The cleaning operation is very important task because it gives trouble in Hulling & separating operation. If any over size material goes into the decorticating operation which causes to damage huller drum knife so cleaning operation is very important & this importance complete by FERRO Box Type Seed Cleaner

After seed cleaning operation the clean seed send to decorticator with separator here dehulling & separation process done, at the end we get hulls, large hulls & uncut seed, & meat as a product.

First large hulls & uncut seed mixture conveying to next operation that is density separator here hulls & uncut seed separate from each other and also meat which is sticky with hulls that remove by beating operation in density separator. And by density difference uncut seed recycle back to decorticating process & hulls send to further processing.

After density separator the next & final processing unit is hulls purification process, here hulls from decorticating section & density separator all are ducting into the hulls purifier for purification of hulls. Because still some % of oil (meat) present in hulls so for recovery of oil, hulls purification operation done, And at the end we get zero oiled hulls & product meat.