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Seven Stage Lint Cleaner

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Key Features:

  • “7 STAGE LINT CLEANER” with basket beater section designed for lint cleaning i.e. for removing fine dust, hulls etc.
  • Re-engineered friendly design has handling capacity capable more than 8 to 10 tons per day, The linter cellulose yield is maintained at maximum.
  • This lint cleaner has a removable screen for cleaning at the desired interval.
  • Low maintenance, because we provide twin conveyor which eliminates the elevated shaker tray.
  • Special square bar screen available for higher cellulose yield.
  • This lint cleaner provides the highest capacity & good quality of lint according to today’s market need.
  • Dirty linter recycling system for higher yield of cotton linter.

Lint Cleaning Air Cascade:

  • The FX series lint cleaning air cascade is specially design for the cleaning of sticky hulls and other bigger size particles from linters. The air cascade is assembled at the lint cleaner machine lint discharge position, from here the linters get pneumatically transfer to the bale press.
  • It means the linters must be passed through lint air cascade.
  • Here in the air cascade the lint gets fluidizing for a minute and then by the gravitationally heavy particle gets fall and light lint’s get sucked and forwarded into bale press.
  • The lint suction pressure is control by air control valve, and it is provided on suction line of blower.
  • And the valve controlling is doing as per the air cascade design parameters.

Mechanical Advantages:

  • Heavy body FEA Analyzed Structure for zero vibration,
  • Special Vacuum Feeder for proper distribution.
  • Electrical Motors is conveniently located for ease of maintenance.
  • Soft Starter and Hardened sprockets for beater drive.
  • Zero speed sensor for beater drive available.
  • Common drive for twin roll conveyor.
  • Beater screen mounted in easy pull trays for quick change and ease of maintenance.
  • special zig-zag type air cascade lint discharging provision.

Operational Procedure:

  • The output of delinter i.e. lint is fed into lint cleaner basket beater.
  • During beating of lint & motes, sticky dust & fine Impurities are stretched out.
  • At the end beater, all lint suck by nozzle & remaining bran, linty motes & other impurities is dropped down into conveyor through hopper & then forwarded to small size beater having eight basket beater for further separation of impurities by shaker tray which is continuously shaking below small size beater.
  • In this way, lint cleaning is done & we get clean lint as per market demand.

Technical Specification :

  • Feeder Motor = 1HP/4 pole
  • Top Beater = 7.5HP16 Pole
  • Tuin Conveyor = 2HP/4 Pole
  • Bottom Beater = 3HP|4 Pole
  • Shaker Tray = 1.5HP/6 Pole
  • AIR HOODS – 10″ DIA.

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