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Single Box Cotton Fibre Bailing Press

Key Features:
  • Ferro cotton baling press is designed for compressing cotton of different grades.
  • Reengineered Friendly design to Facilitate easy operation low power consumption E requiring minimum labor cost.
  • Ferro single bale press is provided with limit switches check valves to avoid any accident.
  • Ferro bailing press can be customized as per requirement under the side discretion of Ferro Oiltek.
  • Ferro bailing press comes with an advantage of multiple pushers as well as single pusher as per requirement of the customers.
  • Parts of the press are standardized as per international standards.
  • Extremely robust body structure provides zero vibration.
  • ADVANCED PU COAT FINISH for easy cleaning, long lasting appeal E great aesthetics.
Mechanical Advantages:
  • Redesigned lint box E pusher rollers for easy maintenance CNC machined parts for high precision.
  • CNC machined parts for high precision.
  • Machine designed to save valuable space as well as in making handling easier.
  • Easy Animated HMI PLC operation system makes it easy to operate Capable of delivering high speed operation support.
  • Capable of delivering high speed operation support.
  • Option of twin pusher makes the operation Fast.
  Technical Specification:

  • Main ram : Rod Dia – 180 mm (stroke 2580mm)
  • Lint box lifting cylinder : Rod Dia – 60mm (2 no’s) (stroke 1150mm)
  • Election cylinder : Rod Dia 30mm (stroke 140mm)
  • Installed power (HP) : Main motor-40 hp x1500 rpm Auxiliary motor -10 HP X1500 rpm
  • Hydraulic pump : Main pump -Double valve pump (35 gpm & 12gpm) Auxiliary pump -12 gpm.
  • Bale size : 55″ X 21″ X 28″/ 48″ X 18″ x 18″
  • Bale weight: 220 kg / 180 Kg
  • Bale density: Universal / High
  • Operating: PLC panel (Fully Automatic)
  • Shed size: 14M X 12M X 12M
  • Production capacity: 6-9 bales per hour
  • Pusher: Hydraulic

Optional Features:

  • Auto bale ejection
  • Online bagging
  • Online weighing
  • Online sampling
  • Safety mat

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