Cooker Conditioning


Cooker Conditioning

The objective of cooker conditioning is to obtain the best conditions prior to flaking, by means of cooker conditioners. This is done by heating and altering the moisture content of various oil-bearing materials by subjecting them to pre-pressing or extraction processes thereby removing the fat contained therein.

It ruptures the oil cells by flushing off essential moisture from the steam. It reduces the viscosity of the oil, making it simpler to remove. It thickens the protein in the seeds. It sanitizes the seed by damaging the enzyme activity and blocking the growth of the moulds of bacteria.

  • The new design that includes rotating blades, help avoid jamming and over cooking which are both problem areas. This results in increasing the overall yield of oil in the extraction stage.
  • The design reduces viscosity and adjusts the moisture content.
  • It incorporates adjustable seed levels and residence time.
  • The operation of the new design is simple and user friendly.
  • It’s superior tray and shell design provides for years of trouble-free service.

We are pioneered in Edible oil seed processing plant & Machinery (cotton seed, soya bean, Rice Bran, sunflower seed & other vegetable oil seeds). We are the team of experienced technical people & Young Innovative Engineers; they are specialized in vegetable oil seeds/oil seed processing technology & also have been involved in installation of many vegetables oil mills in India & abroad. We are exporting our plant and machinery to various countries around the world.

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