Mustard Seed Processing, Oil Extraction & Refining Plant

Mustard and rapeseed form the second major oilseed crop in India. Most of the oilseed is used for oil extraction of Ghani’s or expellers. In the traditional processing of mustard/ rapeseed the material is crushed without any de-hulling. Mustard/rapeseed contains about 20% by weight of hull portions, which imparts dark colour, high amount of crude fibre (about 70%) in the mustard/rapeseed meal and dark colour to the oil. Hence an integrated approach for processing of mustard/rapeseed was developed for obtaining a good quality oil and mustard cake with low content of crude fibre suitable for food and feed uses.

PROCESS Integrated processing of mustard/rapeseed involves the following steps:

  1. Seed pre-cleaning for removal of extraneous material like stones, mud, etc.
  2. Seed grading to obtain uniform size seeds.
  3. Conditioning the cleaned seeds for de-hulling
  4. De-hulling of the conditioned seeds
  5. Separation of de-hulled kernels and hull fraction
  6. Proper conditioning of de-hulled kernels for obtaining high pungent oil
  7. Extraction of oil in Ghani and expeller