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    We have one of the World class manufacturing facility of 260000 sq.mtrs for production that too only for manufacturing oil seed Processing machines

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    Ferro must become the world's most preferred partner for Cotton Seed Processing technology

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    From planting seeds to extraction of oil, we hold your hand at every step as a loyal partner

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    Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people. Our vision is to have the best team.

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    As leaders of the industry, we wish to offer inspiration for revitalizing, improving, and impacting your business to the fullest.

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    Technology provider for Centrifugal Separator in Collaboration with “Macfuge by Servizi Industriali s.r.l, Italy.”

Solutions What we are offering

Ferro Oiltek is a manufacturing company of Oil seed Processing Plant & Machinery, with its head office in Mumbai - India. With an interesting portfolio of products like "Seed Processing Plant, De-Linter, Decorticator, Solvent Extraction plant, Edible Oil Refinery, Chemical Process Equipment, Filtration Equipment & Vibro Separators". Ferro is one of the fastest-growing Seed Processing & Edible Oil Industry in India with global footprints and we are looking forward to expanding our business further globally.


Seed processing is as important as seed production in upgrading the seed quality ensuring 99.99% physically pure seeds. Seeds of various crops should be properly processed.


Oil Extraction

Solvent Extraction is the most efficient method of oil recovery from oil bearing materials. It is particularly advantageous for processing of those oilseeds/oil bearing materials.


Oil Refining

Refining of crude oil is done to remove unwanted minor components that make oils unappealing to consumers, while trying to cause the least possible damage to the neutral oil.



Ferro Oiltek can design & understand special plants, personalized on its customers' production needs. The flexibility of Ferro Oiltek to its Clients has made possible the accomplishment.

MISSION & VISION Experience Working
Mr. Ramnivas Bohra

Chairman & Managing Director
Ferro Oiltek Pvt. Ltd.

We are constantly striving to develop solutions akin to your needs. Longevity, vigour and simplicity are at the core of our thoughts and processes with an ever growing hunger for commitment to you.

To fulfil every intricate need of the cotton seed and edible oil industry to the fullest of our abilities. Doing this by providing indigenous solutions, world class products and doorstep service in order to satisfy every client with utmost sincerity.

To be pioneers in serving the cotton and edible oil industry efficiently and effectively. In doing this, to keep ourselves abreast with state-of-the-art technological innovations, maintain premium quality of service, product and teamwork.

Products Leading Provider of Oil Industry


Pneumatic Closed Type Seed Cleaner is a uniquely designed machine with 8 stage basket beater.
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New design Box type seed cleaner, with having high efficiency for removing all impurities.
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FX-200DL: FX 200 Saw High Performance Delinter

It is designed for high capacity cottonseed Delinting up to 100 tons per day.

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FX-48HCTRD: High Capacity Twin Roll Decorticator

This machine has proven to be the highest capacity and most efficient way to Dehulled bulk oil seed.
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The objective of cooker conditioning is to obtain the best conditions prior to flaking.
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Flakers function by means of flaking mills, which are equipped with smooth rolls.
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FX-VS: Vibro Separator

The vibro separator is suitable for all types of screen operations.

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Expander With Feeder Conditioner

An Expander is mainly used to prepare collets from soy flakes which collets...
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LM Extractor

The material enters through an inlet hopper and is swiftly saturated with miscella.
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Meal De-solventizing & Toasting

The meal exiting extractor contains 26-30% solvents by weight. The meal is heavily..
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Miscella Distillation

"Miscella" is the industry term used for the oil/solvent mixture that leaves the solvent extractor. Read More

Solvent Recovery

Solvent vapours mixed with air depart the extractor. Solvent vapours mixed with water vapour.
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Hot water is added ∧ centrifugal separation of gums is done in order to remove sediments.
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Bleaching is a process that is suitable for chemical as well as physical refinery process.
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Deodorization is used to give stability and shelf life to refined edible oil.
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Winterization / Dewaxing

In the crystallizer, sufficient time is spent for crystal growth.

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FX-BE: FERRO Bucket Elevator

FERRO Bucket Elevators are ideally suited to elevate bulk materials from sluggish free
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FX-SC: Screw Conveyor

Die Press screw flights of high-quality carbon steel provide the smooth surface.
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Redler Conveyor

It is used frequently in bulk flow chain conveyors to enhance the transportation of bulk.
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FX-RL: FERRO Rotor Lift

Vertical Screw Conveyors are ideally suited to elevate wide range of bulk materials.
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With 25 years of experience, FERRO is a pioneer in an edible oil seed processing plant, since from beginning stage (process selection) to final stage (product outlet). We help you for the selection of latest technology, Optimised Process, equipment selection, economic feasibility, cost estimation & presenting true live results in the end. Nowadays, technology has become a strategic element in every industry, the experience acquired over the years, allow us to offer solutions to a wide range of products we offer:

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