The MACFUGE disks centrifuges with manual discharge are designed and built to separate a mixture of liquids having different specific weight and solid. These machines are simple and they offer different configurations according to process requirements.

They are especially indicated for products that have low quantity of solids. The efficiency of separation is high in relation to the geometry of the bowl. They are adaptables machines to the process when a reduced cost is required.

The MACFUGE centrifuges are reliable, user-friendly and to dismount for the maintenance and cleaning and allow their use in any process industry that requires solid-liquid separation.

They can be manufactured in any material and to work in areas classified CE-ATEX. Within the range of MACFUGE with manual discharge of small size, we offer MACFUGE MODULAR SYSTEMS. Each system is a complete plug-and-play module skid mounted. They are small easily transportable units used for solid-liquid separation, liquid-liquid and clarification-purification on a small scale.

The product to be separated enters inside of the bowl via fixed feed pipe. The centrifuge separates in continuous the liquid phases and collects into the bowl the separated solid part. The solid collecting chamber has a right dimension to allow the autonomy of the exercise and high cleaning efficiency. Periodically, depending on the quantity solid present into the product to be treated, the machine has to be stopped, opened, cleaned removing all the solid residuals accrued, then closed and ready for the start-up. Particularly simple in its mechanical concept in order to guarantee a perfect and fast cleaning. The efficiency of the centrifuge depends on the characteristics of the mixture to be separated; viscosities, temperature, amount of solid and the difference between the densities of the various phases, are parameters that can significantly affect the separation.

power generation – oil & gas – marine – biodiesel – vegetable oils refinery – chemical products – food products – pharmaceutical – soaps – dairy – brew – juice

We have a great experience in the treatment of products with different characteristics and requirements, due to the knowledge accumulated by out Technical Department in the study of specific projects for each client.

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