Flaker function by means of flaking mills, which are made by special cold rolled alloy steel. Flakers are particularly suitable for flaking oilseeds. In order to obtain low residual oil content in the meal after extraction, flaking is done before extracting solvents or pre-pressing.

With regard to the supply of solvent extraction plants, pressing plants for pre-pressing, full pressing, and cold pressing are required. Eligible suppliers in the market are identified and pressers are selected in accordance with the raw materials and product qualities.

Most oil seeds are built of tough oil-bearing cellular structure. These must be shattered or weakened prior to the cooking and extraction processes. The oil seed meat is passed between smooth rolls to produce flakes of 0.25 to 0.3mm. Flaking helps to activate oil cell structure and more oil extraction is available. Flaking also increases the surface area available for extraction of oil. Flakers are made up of one pair (two rolls), chilled, cast iron rolls mounted on a heavy duty roller bearing. In order to trap iron particles, the machine made of permanent magnetic feeder, The equipment is provided with optimum gaps in order to adjust the arrangement (of the Hydraulic Cylinders), for maintaining the gaps between two rolls.

Flakers are usually used to increase the oil extraction yield at the screw press stage or solvent extraction process. Flakers are also used to essentially reduce wear and tear.

  • Less vibration effect, because of using advanced technology eg. Cold cutting.
  • The design occupies less space and is also energy reducing.
  • It is quiet, clean, and safe for operation.
  • It has an adaptable flake thickness during operation.
  • Its overall output is very high.
  • It uses very less energy.

Sr No






FF  801                  450 x 1000

75 -80 MT

30 HP



FF 802                   450  x 1300

100  MT

40 HP



FF 803                    500 x 1300

150-160 MT

100  HP x 2



FF 804                   600 x 1300

170-180 MT

120 HP x 2



FF 805                   800x1500

240-250 MT

150 HP x 2


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