FX-PBTSC: Pneumatic Basket Type Seed Cleaner

Seed Processing

FX-PBTSC: Pneumatic Basket Type Seed Cleaner

Pneumatic Closed Type Seed Cleaner is a uniquely designed machine with 8 stage basket beater which is used for getting maximum cleaning efficiency and minimizing the wear and tear for ease of removability & changeability. Cottonseed cleaner is the complete unit is designed to remove foreign material effectively and other all types of impurity from white cottonseed. We provide special stone separator & vacuum feeder for seed cleaning operation.

This machine used to produce clean seeds with higher cellulose, these cleaned seeds further obtained for De- linting & Dehulling operation. The Pneumatic Seed cleaner separates un-ginned cotton, stones, metal pieces, dust and fine impurities from seed at 99% cleaning off. Because of adroit seed cleaning other processing machines like Delinters & Hullers get protected. Due to higher cleaning efficiency the quality of bi-products (linters and DOC) gets improved.

Application: Cotton Seed, Sunflower Seed. Modification in the machine will be needed for different types of Seed.

Capacity range is 100TPD to 200 TPD.

Suitable For :
Removing all impurities from cotton seed/sunflower seed at cleaning efficiency 99%.


Operation of FX-PBTSC: Pneumatic Basket Type Seed Cleaner :

FX-PBTSC: Pneumatic Basket Type Seed Cleaner
  3. CONVEYOR : 2/3HP/4 POLE
  6. VACUUM FEEDER : 1.5/2/3HP/4 POLE
  7. BLOWER : 20HP/25HP/30HP/4 POLE

The seed first enters to a special stone separator unit through a rotary feeder, as soon as seeds reside in the zigzag, the pneumatic suction will lift the seed. The vacuum is adjusted by control valve which lift the cotton seed and heavy impurities gets fall down (stones and metal). Then seeds move into the 8 nos basket beater, this basket beater having different sizes of sieves which helps to separate sticky dust, un-gin cotton and other bigger size impurities from cotton seed. After beating operation is done, the meshed down seed gets collected into the clean seed carry conveyor.

  • The vacuumchamber is specially designed for easy operation & maintenance.
  • The baskets are been designed for easy opening and closing operations, in order to clean them periodically while operations.
  • Provision of Zero speed sensor on compound drive of Basket Beater which helps in detecting chain failure issue which results in avoiding the choking of machine after chain breakdown.
  • Soft Starters & Harden SKF Sprocket for beater drives gives higher durability and least maintenance.
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